Human Nature

Oh when will we be healed Lord?
When will we be well?
We’ve been so sick forever
At least that’s how it seems
And our physicians cannot heal us
Physician heal yourself
Our teachers teach us vanities
Ignoring all our ills
Science addresses the symptoms
Steering clear of the root cause
When all have worked their wonders
We will still wallow in despair
Because we’ve been saddles with human nature
The greatest affliction of them all
Some would call it original sin

Who’ll heal us of human nature?
Set us free from so called sins?
Greed and lust and selfishness
Too name but a few
Strip us of self importance
The belief in our entitlement
The prioritising of self
Yes, I know not all are so deeply inflicted
But all have been touched
So I see no solution to this world
And all of it’s ills
Until a miracle of healing
From some greater power than us
Eradicates human nature
Then in paradise we will all be free

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