Tears will be our food

We will eat nothing else
When the pain becomes complete
When the truth has all come out
And the will to live is low
In that day
Tears will be our food
Our appetites will ask no more
For it’s our souls we’ll need to feed
For their hunger will be intense

What else do you feed your soul
But emotions served raw
A smorgasbord of passions
Yet to be used up
Welling up from deep inside, Yes
Tears will be our food
And when we’ve ate our fill
We’ll sit long into the night
And wonder how it came to this

But as much as hope stands eternal
With effort born of will
We can believe in a better day
When our dreams will be renewed
Joy will overtake us and
Tears will be our food
The flavour will be different
The flavour will be sweet
And sleep will return

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