Will There Be Peace?

When the war is over
There will be something that we will call peace
Which suggests all will be right
All will bring comfort
But it won’t
Oh the conflict will end
And we will lay exhausted on the ground
And tears will be our food
As we count the cost
Assess the damage and wonder
Wonder if there will ever be a way back
Who will have the energy

The world has forever changed
Let us not talk of peace
Peace resides on a summit
Currently beyond our reach
So let us not believe that a cessation in hostilities
Can be equated with peace
That most elusive of circumstance
Peace is now to be gained
Through effort and toil
As much as victory was gained
And we will be troubled, pained, and hurt
Many times on the road to peace
Should we choose to walk that route.

Peace is a costly commodity
Demanding sacrifice, effort and single mindedness
It is for aspirations when the conflict has been spent
It is for journeying to
For causing us to walk away from the war
The aftermath
Sitting on the summit calling itself hope
Will we ever get there
Or has too much been spent in the effort of victory?

One thought on “Will There Be Peace?

  1. So right… “it will be something that we call peace…”

    It is said that love is hard work. Perhaps peace is harder. Perhaps “truce,” “compromise” “cessation” are the closest we come until we, each one of us, come to the end of our souls’ struggles and find inside our hearts, peace. Thanks, Wic.

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