Monday Musing


I have a question to start the week.

Question. If people are souls/spirits having a human experience is God at all concerned in their gender, colour, sexual preference?

To be frank, I’m not sure God even notices any of these things at a level that would elicit concern. God might be a little irked by their religious affiliation as this is probably the single greatest barrier for many to a real God/soul relationship. Your thoughts?

You see, as I read religious texts, the Bible included, I don’t see God being put off by the differences that so trouble the religious and then find their way into society. I’m looking but I don’t find God being concerned more for white people than black people, men more than women and the fact that so many differing faiths are able to give expression to God, all finding and expressing the same truths, which I often refer to as Universal Truths or Laws, makes me wonder.

That societies are structured on anything other than equality seems impossible if there really is a pervasive belief in God within that society.

No, I’m finding more the hand of men in many religious writings as they strive to build empires underpinned by a claim to a divine calling as ‘the chosen’ and the ever presence of a deity who affirms their every action. Strangely enough the people on the other side of the mountain have the same belief, different text but same belief, to being ‘the chosen’.

That said, it is on the lips of an itinerant Jewish teacher I find the sort of spirituality I seek. The spirituality of equality. That’s the expression of my God. There are a few others who come close and I’ll include those as I build my own strange spirituality.

And who are ‘the chosen’? Well that’s easy! The ones with the most nuclear weapons of course.

Yours, looking to start a movement of the spirit,


One thought on “Monday Musing

  1. (I build my own strange spirituality. ) I cannot count the people who I have talked, listened to, all over the world who have or, are doing in this era the same thing, just they as they did from the beginning of time. There is a name for it, New Agers. I have a dear friend who taught me much about this building her own spirituality. I remember doing it before I gave my life to follow Jesus Christ. I studied and studied and added to what I was learning. All I had at the end was trusting in my own way which I built from here and there. What I did not have was peace and hope for my eternity for none of the ways I built was powerful enough to give me all I was seeking for. All I built when laid at the cross was meaningless. I certainly am not the chosen but was given the ability to chose what I believe from the Creator of the Universe. Keep seeking Wic.


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