It’s A Tuning Fork Thing…

Well Pogue,

Have you got your head around the whole eternity mindset? Better still, have you been mindful to work on your relationship with the eternal, to cosy up with God, or Source (if you’re having an unbelieving day🤔) and build or strengthen things between you?

We commenced last weeks letters by considering whether God was actually bothered about the way you lived life on a daily basis and the conclusion (my conclusion) is that the energy that is the Universe, or God, isn’t bothered. More than that, everything is energy, including the God force or Spirit, including you and I, including nature and the Universe and…well, everything. As such, I want to stretch your imagination. We could think of relationship in terms of energy that has similar frequencies. Think of a tuning fork that will begin to vibrate and ‘sing’ when it comes into contact with a sound that is vibrating at the same frequency.

People in deep, often well established relationships, can find themselves thinking the same thoughts, unknowingly wearing the same colour clothes or experiencing the same emotions. It’s a ‘tuning fork’ thing. Usually these things come to be over a period of time but just occasionally they are there from the get-go, hence terms such as ‘love at first sight’ (that’s love and not lust!).

How do we develop that sort of relationship? It takes work, even the ‘get-go’ type of relationships. Not necessarily hard work. Indeed much can be pleasurable, done with a smile on your face😎. It’s about being in each other’s company or presence, sharing and accommodating each other, coming to know the other’s likes and dislikes, habits and peccadillos. There are allowances to be made, accommodations, which moderate our behaviours and, change our frequencies nearer to the other’s. Hopefully the same is happening on the other end. And as time goes on voila, a harmony arises and we don’t need to ask certain questions or make certain assumptions because, well, we just know. The ‘tuning forks’ are singing!

For our ‘get-go’ folks there is still a lot of learning to be done even though they resonate from the outset. They have common ground but in the early days there remains a lot of uncommon ground to overcome.

That’s how relationship should work. The same applies to all relationships, even one with the ultimate entity behind the universe, with God.

Like it or not, you and I do not ‘sing’ to the God frequency, are not at one with the energy that is the Universe. Life is filled with so many things that distract from that, that call us in other directions. Things that lower our personal frequency and draw us away from the Ultimate. Counter-intuitively it’s often not doing anything that draws us closer. Meditation, silence, prayer, drawing aside from the world. All activities that take us away from the energy of the world and makes us vulnerable to the Divine energy and the possibility of real relationship.

In that place there is the possibility of developing the comfort of knowing the other at that deep level where, unwittingly, we wear the same colours when we dress and choose the same activity for the day. Then, we begin to understand the heart of the other, what rocks that heart and what saddens it. And it’s in that place that we commence to establish the ‘eternity’ mindset that I mentioned in the second letter last week. It’s in that place that we move away from our awareness of time as a controlling feature of our lives and in doing so we shed an allusion that most carry from the cradle to the grave. Additionally we find a freedom that most will not know in this life. The Apostle Paul asked; “Oh death where is your sting?” And that is where we arrive when the relationship has developed. It’s not mind knowledge. It’s something far deeper, a resonance in our being. As a friend of mine declared; “I know in my knower!”

But there is also a new level of freedom in our thinking and the way we live our day-to-day. Certain things lose their importance and value. It’s no longer about how much I can get in this life because with an eternity mindset what value does that have? Rather our focus should become the building of the relationship, doing things that change our personal resonance and build harmony. Strangely those things lie on the better side of human behaviour, things that emulate the power behind the universe. Remember, it is written “God is Love”. That’s where God acts from. That’s the Divine, the ultimate energy, the God force. That is total freedom from all that would hinder us and lessen our experience.

So is God bothered? With eternity in mind I still think not and will strive to establish this as a certainty as I work on the harmony within myself. It’s a ‘tuning fork’ thing you know😎

Yours, playing with harmonics,


4 thoughts on “It’s A Tuning Fork Thing…

  1. Have you got your head around the whole eternity mindset? Yep, I think I do, if it means seeing everything that comes my way in the light of eternity. But you gotta watch it when you think tht way cause folks will call you a Jesus freak. I have learned to just say thank you when someone tells me I talk about Jesus a lot. He took care of my eternity so the least I can do is tell others about Him. Your post will get folks thinking about their eternity I hope. Blessings


  2. I want to “dress in the same colors as God.” Really like that turn of phrase. Thank you. Also, you have me thinking about mirror neurons as another good analogy. Maybe we can be “imitators of Christ” at the cellular level, too.

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