Monday Musing


Should I be disappointed, even sad when I write something that is undoubtedly a great piece of creativity and only 3 or 4 people read it. Or multiple people read it and only 3 or 4 like it. I mean, there it is and I’ve poured myself into it, shed tears, sweated blood, built expectation and…it lands like a damp squib on the page.

Alas, the creatives lot is not happy one most of the time. I draw solace from history and the likes of Rembrandt and Van Gogh who, in their lifetime’s struggle to even afford the mediums they needed to paint, and only after their live’s had passed did they achieve any of the recognition they deserved. But maybe I overstate my case by invoking such notables?

You see Pogue, there is a truth that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and whilst I feel like I have reached deep inside to bring words to paper, others, with no experience to understand what I write, let it pass them by. There is so much content available in the world today I can forgive them. My creation is a ‘needle in a haystack’. So we do what we do to allow ourselves to find expression and grow. To bring fresh experience and a new level of maturity to our own creative being. And if we feel we have something to say or something to give, once given, like all real gifts, we must release that thing to have a life of its own. To give it up and renounce possession. Given, it is now someone else’s possession. It’s out in the world and we no longer have control.

So this week do what you do and do it to bring yourself pleasure and satisfaction. Then, once released consider that project closed and move on. If it sends back the appreciation and love of a receiving other that’s icing on an already delicious cake. You’ve answer a need in yourself to create or to serve or to express or…whatever. You gave life to something that awaited birth and that was your function. Once released it will take on that life. Like all relationships, others will engage with it in many differing ways, coming from they own experience of life and current situation.

This week, do beautiful things, be it write, paint, something at work, even the washing up because you’ll find personally satisfaction in it, grow and further your ability to put beauty into the universe, and beauty is never wasted.

Yours, planning to write for another 3 or 4 people,


5 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. I’m one of those 3 or 4, and I remain captivated and appreciative 😉
    Here’s to doing beautiful things this week, baking my delicious cake, and hoping that someone will add icing to it… but willingly enjoying the cake without it, if that’s how it turns out 😉

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