Songs To Pogue…What I’m Listening To Now.


Thought I’d follow up on Christmas and a gift I was given.

You remember that I received a copy of Barack Obama’s and Bruce Springsteen’s book, Renegades – Born In The USA. It’s proving a really good read having been produced as a series of conversations covering subjects as diverse as their childhood’s, their admiration of strong women, the failure of the American Dream, music (of course), politics, philosophy and more. And it has pictures. Lot’s of them. Who doesn’t love reading a picture book?

So, of late I’ve been inspired to return to my Springsteen records, brush off the dust, and take a trip down nostalgia highway. It’s been good, very good. Pogue, have you ever had that occasion when you rediscover an artist, or a song that you haven’t listened to in quite some time and it’s like having the original experience all over again? The pleasure of discovering the music afresh? Well that’s what I’ve been doing.

I have always favoured Springsteen’s early material so I’m going to share Thunder Road with you from his third album. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.



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