Monday Musing


Wic is in the house! I say, WIC IS IN THE HOUSE!

A bit dramatic you think?

Well after 6 months of spare rooms, sofa beds, and rented accommodation I have finally moved in. And I’m sleeping in my own bed and it’s…a great feeling!

But today is Monday and it’s a Musing moment so here’s what I’ve noticed as I’ve sat and taken in the new surroundings. Good habits are so easy to let slide and bad ones, well they have an energy and life all of their own.

As you know I run and take fitness seriously but over the last months it has become hard and the running has faltered. I got up this week to reluctantly don my gear before setting off in the early morning frost🥶 It was hard. There was pain. I didn’t even get to go that far. Plus, wherever I run from my new home, it’s up hill! What’s that all about?

Then my diet, which was balanced and good, that has come apart. The interesting thing, the bad thing, is that I’m enjoying it! Sweet things, carbohydrates, wine, bring them on. So the battle is on to re-establish a balanced, healthy meal plan.

I could go on but I have a question. Why are the good habits so hard to establish and maintain whilst the bad ones just cosy up to us like a long lost lover. You agree? It’s like, it’s bad it’s easy, it’s good it’s hard work and discipline. But why? Why can’t it be easy to exercise with a smile on our faces, to eat and enjoy a plate of green stuff with no sugar?

Then there’s the fact that the bad habits take no effort at all it seems.

This all seems very confusing and has been highlighted as stability and consistency has returned to my life. Did God, did the Universe, get it all wrong with the programming? Are we incorrectly wired?

Perhaps we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe I wasn’t meant to have a figure like a racing snake. Maybe my easy access to donuts is a sign. When the man said take the path of least resistance was this what he meant? Is round our natural body shape and is our efforts to avoid this some form of denial?

As said, it’s all very confusing and I will go on sitting here musing about it. When wisdom come, and it will, I’ll let you know.

Whatever, you have a good one and avoid the donuts. I’m not sure why but just do.

Yours, working up enthusiasm for a run,


8 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. Been awhile since I last saw your posts, Wic, till I was worried, my friend! Thank God you’ve rolled back and returned joy to our hearts. Congratulations 🎊 to you for getting your own comfortable space to spend. I am happy for you, always.

    It’s true to say that bad habits are easy to do while good ones appear hard. That’s always been the reality of life. Thanks for noting. Keep writing ✍

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  2. Oh my goodness gracious 😉 HAPPY JIG (or jiggle 😛 ) in celebration with you! Congrats on the new surroundings, Wic, that are YOURS! 😉

    PLEASE DO impart some wise answers to those questions, as I have the very same ones! I am even more confused than you, so please hurry up about it 😛 (just kidding… good things take time… or so I have been told! 😉 )

    And enjoy your running – even though it seems to have become an ‘uphill battle’ of sorts 😛

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  3. My goodness you have posed one of, “why’s”. Actually I do know why but chose to ignore it most of the time. So much of life has that kind of question in it. I want the life eating donuts every day and not gaining. I lasted two days with my new workout routine, only two days. Discipline for anything takes a lot of emotional effort. I do know it pays off. I list about 14 pounds over Christmas, it took no discipline, just two to three weeks of being sick. But I will take it any way I can get. Glad you are in your own place. Blessings


  4. Great to hear you are in your new home at last. Yes I agree about good habits being hard and bad ones easy! I have never thought about it hat way before though. Wish I knew the answer….you’ve got me thinking about that now!

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