An Old Friend

An old friend took me to bed last night
I hadn’t done that in a time
I think I needed comforting
I think I needed something that would make me smile
Something familiar and scented with good times
Times long gone by.

We lay beneath the sheets
Determine to set a mood
To re-enact days now passed
To find the memories and breath in life
Asking ‘What if?” And declaring
’This was so good I missed it so’.

Long into the night we gave ourselves
In a marvellous sensuous journey
Given to exploring once again
The things that touched us so
That set my senses a quiver
And brought tranquility to my soul

My old friend knowing exactly how
A mistress of many rhythms
Moved with a familiarity soon remembered
Consuming all my senses
And I surrendering to the night
Not caring where the journey took me

Through the night we moved as one
So many moments of delight
Lifted high and then let down
Taken to places I’d not been
And deep inside emotions stirred
Whilst satisfaction rose

In the arms of my music
I fell asleep
The tempo gently fading
Such pleasure as my music brings
I should not have long forgotten
Dark nights and old songs as a lover sweet

Each one a trove of memories dear
Each one emotions messenger
As lovers go music
Gives me so much
And ask so very little
Yet weaves deep magic all night long

And when a new song comes
As a book mark in my life
It knows not how to jealous be
But hold my memories constantly
For perhaps another night under the sheets
Of intimate remembering

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