Monday Musings

Morning Pogue,

There’s this friend of mine who has a dog. Big dog.

“So?” you ask.

Well my friend noticed a group of children playing with the dog from the other side of the garden fence. The dog was getting excited so he went into the garden to speak with the children and told them, “Be careful. This dog can jump this fence. He just doesn’t know it yet”

What a great metaphor for life! And so true.

The question we should ask ourselves is what limiting beliefs do we accommodate in our lives?

In how many situations do we act according to a belief that this is the best, the most we can do? “Potential, what potential?” we say as we go from day to day. “This is how I do a thing”, and we deny the door that opens onto possibility.

The saddest thing is, the majority of people have their limits and their capability’s define for them, often whilst they are still young. Then take those beliefs through life with them living within those parameters. Pogue, be alert to conversations that use “You can’t”, “You won’t”, “You’re not” to address you.

And the fact that your peers only go so far is not to say that is your limit.

To steal someone else’s quote, “You get the love you think you deserve”, and take it a step further, you get the life you think you deserve.

How many possibilities are lost to the curse of mediocrity? Don’t let your’s be.

Oh, and don’t always believe you’re safe because the dog is on the other side of the fence.

Have an extraordinary week.


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Good one Wic…I have several times surprised myself at what I can do. Several years ago I spoke at a ladies retreat. As I was getting my notes together it hit me how many different things I had done and survived, only for the Lord to use all the experiences for the next experience. Life is building blocks and only we can knock a block out from under us by allowing those negative voices to stop us from building. Great encouraging thoughts.

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