Monday Musings

Dear Pogue,

They’ll come a Monday soon when you will be living in a new home. Making a new home is an exciting thing as you are experiencing. So let me ask you a question. Do you believe that there is a flow to things?

Let me elaborate. As you know I am currently on a road trip. The other day we stopped in a rather nice small town which had a bookshop in a converted church. The building was old and full of character and being lovers of bookshops we made a beeline for it. I love independent bookshops, usually run by people who read and love books, but as I entered the premises I found my self saying ‘No’.

This great space was laid out all wrong and we all felt it. Sometimes it’s not what you see but it’s what you feel that impresses. And feelings are a legitimate source of information as much as your eyes or ears.

I wanted to clear the shop and start over. Feel my way through the design. Even feel for the right books.

There is Feng Shui that believes everything is alive and possessed of its own energy which has to be considered to achieve the best possible design and use of space. And energy is felt so maybe it would be an interesting exercise in your new home to let your feelings lead you. Take time over things and become familiar with the rooms and spaces. Commit to doing things by degree with patience.

Nature knows how. When is the best time to plant a tree? 25 years ago. An acorn falls . A tree sprouts and then an acorn falls from that tree and…the forest expands by degrees and it feels right. Is good to stand amongst.

Pogue, take time and experience things little by little. 25 years? No don’t take that long but do become satisfied with each piece, each area, before moving on to the next. Let the energy speak and feel your way to this new home. Things that are just right. There is a perfect way, believe me. It just takes time and patience.

And life? Learn to apply your feelings to life. They have a powerful ability to guide you along the correct paths and to the right decisions.

Have a great week.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I depend greatly on the moving of the Lord in my life. He always gives the right red flags when something is not right. My sense of organization and visionary sense that God has given me always holds up well when being in new places, or moving to a new place. Since I have been doing it for years I know what works for me as far as a house. You are right, feeling will guide, learn to trust them, God never leads anyone into sinful or wrong places. Never.


    • I have a question and forgive me for asking it but, why does the Lord’s Prayer ask “Lead us not into temptation” if there isn’t the potential for God to do so and the potential for us to sin?
      After many years I have accumulated a bag full of questions 🤔


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