Monday Musings

Morning Pogue,

Your post person has just delivered you more wisdom. I hope you appreciate it?

I have some money invested in the hope that it will secure some of my future. I use a financial adviser who I’ve used for sometime and have built up trust over that period. There seems to be integrity there.

Now every 3 months I get a report on how my investments doing and as with any investment it has periods that are better than others. Once the report is issued I have the opportunity to discuss performance. Thing is, whether I’m doing well or, not so well, the adviser always wants to remind me, “We’re in this for the long game”.

Yes we are because I intend to hang about a while yet because, well, there are plenty more letters need writing✍️. And what would the world have lost if I wasn’t here imputing wisdom and wit🤔. So I am playing a long game.

That’s how we should view life. I know how easy it is to be caught in the moment, to want to spend a disproportionate amount of energy, money, emotion, passion or anything else but hopefully you have a long way to go so spread your resources. By all means enjoy the moment but have an eye to the future, what it holds and what you hope for.

Is a well lived life a long game? I am thinking yes but will allow for exceptions. The bright shining stars that rise and blaze for a short while before fading away. But fade to what? Mediocrity, disillusionment, emptiness as all was spent in the blaze. I don’t know but I do see wisdom in a long view and a little flexibility.

How long are you planning for?


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