Just Because I like it…

Hi Pogue,

I have never reblogged someone else’s post before but I want to indulge you in a poem that I think is just really good. It’s so good that I’ve sat and copied it into a letter that you’re now reading🤗

One to stick on your fridge with some of those wise sayings you refer to?

It’s by a lady who writes as The Gut Wrenching Poetry and pens some great words.

Here it is.


If I told you a secret,
Of love I found and hid
Would you then be my love?

If I told you a secret,
Of love I found and hid
Would you then be my love?

If I wrote you a letter,
Giggling and blushing for I’m over the moon
Would you then join me where I am?

Those are my confessions

If I brushed your hand shyly
And waited for your eyes to meet mine questioningly
Would you then see my eyes light up with you?

And if I, if I knowingly kissed you with reverence
How you’d once said you wished to be kissed,
Would you then return that kiss and glide with me?

Those are my questions

If, you and I shed all restrictions
Came before one another, baring all we’ve been tiptoeing around
Would we then become lovers?

This is my position

I hope you enjoyed this enough to read some more. She’s worth the time. And if you’ve read my last two letters, we all know about time😎


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