Monday Musings.

OK Pogue?

It’s Monday and another Musing drops through your letter box.

I’ve been sitting on this one because…well you’re all medical and will ask lots of questions but here are all the answers you’re getting😎

I had a medical moment. A worry. So here is the timetable.

I became concerned on a Monday afternoon.

Rang the doctor who rang back Monday evening to discuss and decided I needed to see her.

Saw the doctor Tuesday morning first thing. She decided I should undergo further examination and said the hospital would contact me. I went home.

Tuesday afternoon the hospital rang. Whilst I was overwhelmed by the service, I was also becoming a little concerned over why things were happening so quickly🤔. I was booked for further examination…the following morning😳.

Wednesday morning was cold but sunny. I walked across the country park from my house to the hospital. I was seen by a medical technician who performed an investigation with a lot of jelly and very cold hands🥶.

He said some reassuring things but confirmed the consultant would ring me tomorrow with a full report.

Thursday afternoon I received the call from a nice doctor who explained what had happened and reassured me I had nothing to worry about. I was wise to go to my doctor but I could rest assured of my health.

What a three days!

Firstly I can only praise the medical professionals. And the system, well it worked for me.

But why did I choose to now tell you in my Monday Musing? Well, I now, with hindsight, realise that I experienced a spectrum of emotions, worries and concerns. And me, I can overthink like a champion so I am never going to have an easy journey if I’m walking a path like this. All very concentrated and should I have read the instructions I am sure they would have said “Must be diluted”.

But all life is a lesson for those who are prepared to learn and as I reflect I realise that I have now had insight into an experience that many must go through. Yes, I had two days of worry and overthinking. A series of “What if’s”, forward planning and some life questions. I now have some insight that may prove fortuitous at an empathetic level. If someone was to say “You don’t know”, well I may not have eaten the whole meal but I have sampled and tasted.

So, this week, consider the possibility of the lessons that exist if you are mindful of their presence. For those who listen, who take a moment, God speaks continuously in a myriad of ways. God is not limited as you and I are.

Be a willing student this week.


The Wisdom’s In The Footnote

Your experiences are the currency of life. It is these that enable you to give empathy.


9 thoughts on “Monday Musings.

  1. Another great post, Wic! I am sad that you have been unwell 😦 I didn’t know.
    But very glad to know that all is okay with you now!

    I do have something to add to your footnote though…. because you know me, just way too many thoughts swimming around in this head of mine 😛
    For me personally, it is what you choose to learn from those experiences and the way you choose to respond to them, that becomes the ‘type’ of currency you will use….
    If you choose bitterness and anger because of your experiences, your heart will be hardened and there will be little room for empathy.
    Just my two cents worth, from MY personal experiences 😉
    I need to keep choosing the good stuff, no matter what the circumstances, so that I can keep dishing out the good stuff 😉

    Thinking of you! Very glad, again, that you are okay! ❤


      • Thank you 🙂
        I DO take comments, but I have to approve first time commenters, unfortunately.
        This is not because I am against other people having their own opinions on what I say, mind you.
        Unfortunately it is due to having ‘spammers’ post rather lewd/crude things in response to my posts… and since I am not able to check in every day, I prefer to approve those who are allowed to comment first.
        Thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you comment, I will approve, and then you will be able to comment freely in the future.
        Hope you have a great day 🙂

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  2. So glad your test did not result in a life threating issue or life debilitating issue. Since last May that kind of thing has happened to me more then I care to name. I now know one of my kidneys does not work, the others only works 30 percent. I am grateful for the 30 percent and also grateful that I am in my age, 74. Most of my life has already been lived so 30 percent will last me for whats left of it, especially if I ramp up my taking better care of myself. Knowing for me actually makes me more aware of getting healthier. It was through having Covid that they discovered this so I can even be grateful for that. You are a hundred percent right, life in general is full of lessons. For me good or bad lessons always draw me closer to the Lord. Not being afraid of dying gives me the opportunity to be bold about my faith. Recently one of my post was about heaven and my study took away some of the fear I had over the transition to heaven when I die. Now I am not rushing on purpose for leaving earth which again has caused me to take care of myself, to live on purpose. Gone are my days of living without care, aging does that to one and health issue. Again I say, glad you are doing well.

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