Thought on Thursday.


I like the teachings of Thich Nat Hanh as you will know from the quote at the top of every blog page. The tag line I think it’s called. And as I have continue reading text on love and musing about the same I have happened on this teaching.

When we feed and support our own happiness, we are nourishing our ability to love. That’s why love means to learn the art of nourishing our happiness.

Understanding someone’s suffering is the best gift you can give another person. Understanding is love’s other name. If you don’t understand you can’t love.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Give good gifts as you go through life Pogue.

Enjoy the day,


3 thoughts on “Thought on Thursday.

  1. Dear Wic—

    Thank you for sharing what you’re so endearingly writing to Pogue. Since this past Sunday, I have read every entry of this blog and each of the Polie and Chris stories. The travel photos there are so wonderful!

    I think I found your writing from a CSLewis quote from The Chronicles that you included. If not that, I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m glad I did. I have many questions from reading both of these works, and you’ve also widened my musical tastes.

    It seems to me that I’ve stumbled upon a rather hidden cache of wry wisdom and I’m wondering if and why you’ve chosen for your writing to be so “hidden.” I don’t “know” the blogosphere at all, actually.

    As to my questions about your engaging thinking and your soulful craft… Do you prefer them in “Leave a Reply” or “Contact”?
    Grateful —


    • Thank you, Grateful (or should I write gpscprof?) for taking the time not only to read the posts but also to craft a comment. I’ll pass your thoughts onto Polie and Chris😎.

      I am glad you found the back of the wardrobe and have decided to join me in Narnia. As said, here begins the great story that just gets better and better.

      And I am also glad that I have added to your musical knowledge. I hope the music has made you smile and you find pleasure in returning to it. If this is the case then,indeed, mine is not a wasted life.😌

      As far as becoming more known, there are days when I wish I knew the secret of reaching others in the blogosphere. From where I sit it seems that it is all about a lot of leg work and “little by little”. If you discover a secret I’ve missed please feel free to whisper in my ear.

      And your questions? The comments are nice because, well, the world can see that at least one person is engaging with the posts (actually, I have made a friend in South Africa who comments regularly so make that two – the beginnings of world domination I’m thinking). But I’m also glad to be “contacted” and will endeavour to give a timely response. There are often inspirations for new letters in peoples comments and questions.

      Now I will take my leave as I continue my search for Aslam.



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