Monday Musings

Well Pogue,

We had a conversation this week and I’m thinking we concluded that most people really don’t have much to offer.

Does that sound a little harsh?

Ok, so this is how I got there. We observed a situation where a number of people were offering, no, insisting on stating their opinions and had made no opportunity to understand the circumstance. Like some God given right to just state what I’m currently thinking without any reference to the circumstances they were imputing into. And if that’s not totally self centred I don’t know what is. Like what I think is more important than being correct because, well, it’s all about me isn’t it?

Unfortunately I’m thinking that’s where a lot of the world operates from. The belief that “my” opinion is more relevant than truth or the consequences of what I might be saying for other people. And that sucks! What sort of place have we come to? And social media just empowers this sort of behaviour as far as I can see.

So…lets agree that we are not those people. We will give opinions but these will be informed and we will delay until we can give these. That being right is far more important than being heard.

And when we receive an opinion then we will take time to question it. Question everything and live by integrity.

New week, new standard.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. This will be interesting to see where you are going next with this theme of thought. It’s taken me years to act upon knowing I was right and keeping it to myself. Most are not interested in rightness. Most just want to speak their opinion, me included. Those who are truly seeking truth will ask my opinion, then what I say can have an impact. There is great freedom in being right and not throwing it out there when you know it will be trampled on. Let me correct this part. I don’t say I am right but when I am it’s because I know I can back it up from the Bible. Yep, I do speak truth from the Jesus freak theory.


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