An Erotic Love Song

Dear Pogue,

So here’s a thing. Right smack in the middle of the Bible is a book that gets very little press. In fact, it may even be an embarrassment to some.

Why so?

Because right there in the centre of the Bible is an erotic love song. The lover calls to the beloved. It’s quite beautiful. Well I think so.

What a magnificent young woman you are!
How beautiful are your feet in sandals.
The curve of your thighs is like the work of an artist.
A bowl is there,that never runs out of spiced wine.
A sheaf of wheat is there,surrounded by lilies.
Your breasts are like twin deer,like two gazelles.

Song of Songs

Now tell me, have you ever heard it taught? If i asked had you ever heard the history, the Law, the prophecies taught you’d tell me ‘Yes’. Maybe the wisdom literature is familiar to you? But this erotic love song, I’m thinking ‘No”.

A while back I went looking for teaching on this book. I had heard it taught in churches, no sorry, let me qualify, I had heard it spiritualised away with claims such as: ‘This is a picture of God and His people’. So, unconvinced I went looking and eventually found some teachings and guess what, they declared the poem a picture, an analogy for…wait for it…God and His people. REALLY! Guys, if you can’t be real about it, leave it alone!

When I studied I was taught that the obvious meaning was the primary meaning. Sound about right? Yes some literature has deeper meaning but sometimes a white horse is a white horse and not a unicorn in disguise.

And if I’m right with the obvious, the apparent, I’m thinking God is a god of erotic sexual love. So much so that God is prepared to promote and celebrate it with a book right here in the centre of the Bible.

God is the Author
of sexual intimacy.
It’s not dirty.
It’s not inappropriate.
it’s not sinful.
It’s spectacular
designed by God
to be enjoyed by husbands
and wives within marriage.


If God, or the Universe as some would prefer to say, is Love then included in that is sexual love. It’s healthy and approved of. It’s God given and not just there to make babies. It’s there to be enjoyed and used as an expression of feelings and emotions between two people committed to each other.

There’s a lot more to this God than many are willing to tell you or admit to. And I’m thinking, She’s had some poor press over time. Been misrepresented and sold short. Those who represent God have on occasions been selective over what they’ve disclosed. Maybe you should decide for yourself. But while you do so, celebrate sexual love because its God given and if I’m reading the book correctly, it’s given to be shared with the one you told, “I love you” and it is the making complete of that love.

Yours, looking forward to a pleasant week,


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