Hi Pogue,

I throw myself on your kindness. I wrote to you last Monday with a Monday Musing on, well seemingly mismatched partners. Remember, tall and small, fat and thin?

Well I’d like to add a postscript if you will be kind enough to permit me?

I was reading this morning and came across something by the Polish Nobel laureate Wisława Szymborska. Yes, I know, I read some weird stuff but anticipating your permission:

Detached observers always ask in such cases: “So what does she (he) see in him (her)?” Such questions are best left in peace: great love is never justified. It’s like the little tree that springs up in some inexplicable fashion on the side of a cliff: where are its roots, what does it feed on, what miracle produces those green leaves? But it does exist and it really is green — clearly, then, it’s getting whatever it needs to survive.

Great Love from Nonrequired Reading

That so says what I was musing. One of us is a genius, but then, one of us is a poet laureate.


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