Monday Musings

Morning Pogue,

I went for a walk yesterday before it started to snow. I think a lot of people had the same idea.

So I’m wandering along, wrapped up in my parka and scarf just noticing the other people as I walked and there were quite a few couples out. I saw one pair holding hands and it struck me what a mismatch they were. One was short, barely 5 feet and the other was well over 6 feet and you know once you’ve noticed one mismatch your brain is going into overdrive to find others. Well there were plenty. Of course they were couples who just seemed to fit together, looked alike, dress the same but there were those who, on the face of it, appeared to have nothing in common. I mentioned the height disparity. Well there were couples with one large and the other thin, couples who were dressed like they had never shopped together, some where one talked, the other just listening. Different ages, the gap being apparent but most, seemingly content in each other’s company.

And all this brought me back to a question I was recently asked. Is there one special person out there just for me or you. Now some say yes but I do not agree. Rather I’m thinking there is a type of person out there with whom I am compatible. If and when I meet that person there is a resonance and we can choose to respond to each other. But it is not like two pieces of jigsaw fitting together. No, I throughly believe a relationship needs to be worked at by both sides.

And soulmates?

The same. There exist a number of people who you relate to at a deep level. You really resonate with each other. You don’t always agree, but you understand why you don’t. Traditionally soulmates have been presented as life partners but I’m sure there are those who are not. They are people we connect with very deeply. They may even pass into and out of our life.

Tell me, is it that deep connection that makes irrelevant the apparent mismatches? Somewhere it says “deep calls to deep”. Maybe that’s what we should seek.

Have a good one.


One thought on “Monday Musings

  1. One does not see the mismatch when love reigns in our hearts for others. My husband have more differences in what we like then we do same likes. Preferences is a huge part of our lives. And yes, one has to go deep to lay down a difference for another. 56 years of doing and we have not perfected it yet but since we are both believers in the one who laid down heaven for us we both can go to the same place for courage to do so. Good post.


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