Monday Musings

So here’s a question Pogue.

Who is Normal Man?

I had a friend when I was in school who, at the time Superman was having some popularity and tee-shirts with the iconic ‘S’ were being worn, made a tee-shirt with a large ‘N’ in place of the ‘S’. Under the ‘N’ he printed ‘Who is Normal Man?’. And there hangs the question so tell me, what does Normal Man look like.

You see, you have an idea of what you would describe as normal behavior and there will be a whole collection of people you will describe as normal but maybe my idea of normal is at variance with yours. You appreciate there is a wide spectrum of behavior in society that is accepted and some of it, those things that lie out on the edges, well they make you a little uneasy. But here’s another thing, those things on the edges of normal for you are nowhere near the edges for me so when you’re twitchy I’m walking down the road whistling (which is really hard wearing a mask and quite wet!).

So who defines normal?

Indeed, here’s a challenge for the week ahead. Draw a mental picture of Normal Man. You can tell me all about Superman and Wonder Woman (this is an equal opportunity blog after all), no problem. But Normal Man and Normal Woman?

I imagine if I stood in a room full of people and asked “Who here is normal?” a lot of hands would go up. A bit like “I’m Spartacus”, “No, I’m Spartacus”, “No I’m….”. And everyone would be different, different in looks, different in beliefs and attitudes and all would believe they are normal.

So there’s the challenge.

Have a great week.


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