Twice in a Week!


You’ve had Songs To Pogue this week but I couldn’t resist out staying my welcome with a second tune.

So I’m standing in my favourite coffee shop waiting for a Takeout because we’re currently not allowed to drink in. Then as I savour the aroma of freshly roasted coffee this noise filled my head.😍 And before I even realise what’s happening I’m loving it. Like this is music to kickback and drink your coffee too. I’d never heard the artist before. And when I discover who it is, I’m thinking, just reading the title would have caused me to listen to the song.

I sat outside on my motorbike, enjoying my coffee, savouring the tune, oblivious of the cold.

So, without further ado, here’s Last Sunbeams of Childhood by Andrew Wasylyk.

Get your coffee grinding and kickback. ☕️🎷☕️ Enjoy the blessings.


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