Monday Musings

How’s things Pogue?

New week already…and it’s raining here. So I’m stuck in doors 🚪 today. But that’s not an issue because actually I’m not. You see we all have a superpower but not so many of us use it. We are all gifted with an imagination which can be the most wonderful of things.

Sitting here on a rainy Monday I can travel the world and touch all sorts of possibilities. Life need never be mundane. More than this I can see possibilities for other people when I’m with them, people who are maybe stuck in a place they don’t want to be or falling short on their potential.

Some people see imagination as a form of escapism and, yes it can be. God knows their are people who need to to escape their reality. But it does need some control like any superpower. We do need to acknowledge we are here and in this world, meet our commitments and responsibilities, acknowledge the law, but we should not allow ourselves to deny the possibilities that lay ahead. We so need to see the existence of a better world from time to time. It plants hope in our hearts.

And some days we just need to give ourselves reasons to smile, to see people as capable of being better than they currently are, to free ourselves, to find opportunity where we couldn’t previously see it.

Pogue, imagination is a superpower if used correctly. Remember the old adage about fire? It’s a great servant but a poor master? Well apply that here and start exercising. Start seeing possibilities. Start seeing what people could become. Begin to plant hope.

Today, this rainy day, allow yourself to travel.

Have a great day,


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