There’s a Spiritual Solution

Dear Pogue,

So, here’s picking up where we left off in our last letter. I did warn you that I was already thinking even before I signed off. As a recap let me grab that quote I used by Shakier Orgunwall:

We are living in a time of global warming and human coldness.

That, succinctly put, is our situation. Before you comment, I agree that not all are cold. Indeed, there is a ground swell of opinion that grows daily, calling out for urgent change particularly in respect of global warming. But the opposition is strong and currently holds the reins making change slow to come. And let’s face it, change always comes at a cost and this one, should it be achieved, will impact those who hold the reins. If I’m reading the right literature then change will mean new infrastructures, new energy sources, changes in our methods of production and the very real likelihood of a different life style if things are to become sustainable.

Indeed, the change required is huge. Almost too large to believe in. So is there really hope? Let’s start by considering that the need for change in society is not a new phenomena you’ll be surprised to hear. Way back in time it’s recorded that God spoke to people over the need for change and said:

If my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.

2Chronicles 7:14

It’s a verse from the Bible which you will be familiar with but there are similar admonitions in other religious texts. So, here’s my starting point. This is where the rubber hits the road. Here is man’s whole problem summed up combined with the solution, the restoration of an order that was there right back in the beginning. In fact, let’s go back to the beginning. Way, way back.

Now all the major spiritual writings have a creation tale to tell. You’ll be familiar with Adam and Eve but there are many others, some predating the story of good old Adam. Oh, and I’ve used the term spiritual as opposed to religious here because, well, religion has become so introverted and concerned with its own promotion and security it has long departed from concerns for the world. Anyway, as said, there exist many creation stories and it doesn’t take a great deal of reading to establish that way back, in the beginning, things were perfect. Everything was in harmony. The Great Spirit did good. God got it right and we are told that man was a part of that harmony. Then men abused the relationship (big surprise there!) and things started to go downhill until we arrive at the present day.

However, despite man’s failure, the Divine remains close with an on going offer of restitution of all that is good.

Go after a dream that is destined to fail without Divine intervention

Mark Batterson

In our previous letters we have discussed the spiritual life. Meditation, silence, prayer, non-judgement and a whole lot of good stuff. The conclusion has been, that by applying these practices, which really are no burden to do, we can awaken and rekindle, fan into flame our own spiritual nature. We will raise ourselves to new levels of awareness, awaken our value systems, begin to embrace things of a higher order moving towards enlightenment, to god consciousness, that being the state enjoyed right back there in the beginning. When all was balanced and nature was honored as a reflection of divine perfection.

I quoted Wayne Dyer in the previous letter saying: “There is a spiritual solution to every problem”. The man’s right. Absolutely. Totally. So much so that I would want to add that in seeking any other solution we commit to failure. Not now, maybe not even in the immediate future as, by pure discipline we are able to sustain a mode of behaviour. But somewhere down the road the wheels will come off. History attests so many times to this that I would be loathed to believe anything else.

My friend Kevy Michaels wrote an informed post on the state of America as it works through the presidential election, its racial issues, its mess and I would have to conclude the answer is not a new president or more racial equality or any other of a number of possible solutions. No the solution, the only true and lasting solution is a spiritual solution because while we seek anything else we are, with the best will in the world, only seeking to work out our own agendas. Be that committed environmental work, promoting equality, addressing inequality, however much we strive to be selfless all that has gone before will in some way color our actions. All that has gone before will also color our neighbor’s action even as we work for a common objective. Then they will be those who, seeking the same outcome, will have a very different agenda.

If God were to say to me today: come home! Without a backward glance I would leave all my obligations here – organization, buildings, plans, people – and hasten to obey Him. Running the world is His responsibility. He is the doer, not you or I.

Paramahansa Yogananda

No, the only solution is a spiritual solution and this comes not by looking at the issues that are, frankly, overwhelming, but by pursuit of the divine. Not that we are turning our backs on real world issues. No. You remember the story of Moses and how he had to climb the mountain to receive the Law from God. Have you ever thought that there may be a principle there? That, when something extra is needed, that someone, or someones, have to climb the mountain, the mountain being a metaphor. I remember a person saying to me when having a discussion over the impoverished state of most religious systems today, that, someone has to be willing to climb the mountain and fetch water from Source. That the time has long passed when we rely upon our own cleverness, our own rules, our own understanding. Look where it’s got us and we need to accept that religion has failed us. Source is the origin and is where perfection lies. It is where we should all set our sights and find unity in doing so.

I’ve said before and will say again. The problem isn’t at God’s end. Some rant and demand to know why, if She exists, God hasn’t acted. Surely the failure to act is evidence that there is no God they claim. But the problem is at our end and we have a solution, “If my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me….”. It is we who must act and not by relying on our own cleverness, or power.

There is a unified call that elicits a response. A heightening of our awareness. We have talked of vibration and everything being energy in previous letters. It is as we increase our energy that we begin to draw near to the solution. As we increase our personal and corporate energy that we begin to bring about change.

You asked about the affect you can have, a ripple or a wave? Well, we’ll come to that in our next letter.

Yours, believing in a better day,


4 thoughts on “There’s a Spiritual Solution

  1. “If my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me….”. It is we who must act and not by relying on our own cleverness, or power. So glad I followered to this post…well written and in my opinion right on. The only thing I would add is who people think God is makes a difference if there is a heart change. I am grateful God is not adding up my good points to see if I can be loved by Him and let into heaven when I leave this earth. You are nailing some great points and making this almost 74 year old women joyful. Keep it up.

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