Monday Musing


This is a bit of a departure from my normal musings. Forgive me.

The Covid numbers in the city have started to rise which, coincidentally, coincides with the students returning to university. Now if you brought together a group of late teens who were away from home for the first prolonged period what do we think is going to happen? These guys have mostly come from an environment where things have been done and provided for them including boundaries. And here there are, having to do and provide for themselves, and the boundaries are gone.

And, what we thought would happen did. Then the Covid numbers rise. Now if we can foresee this can’t those really clever guys who earn the big money also see it coming? At least have it as one of a number of possible scenarios?

The answer is obviously ‘Yes’. So, now to what looks like a conspiracy theory but it’s not intended as such, just a question. Is there a move towards herd immunity going on amongst what is the most resilient section of the population? Just a thought, just a question.

Back to more esoteric musings next week, maybe…


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