Monday Musings

Good week Pogue,

That’s sort of a longer version of Good Day. In case we don’t connect again this week.

I watch people, as you know. Nothing stranger than people. I regularly come across people who want to tell you they have lived so many years. Any number of years will do. I look at them and think, no, you’ve lived one year and repeated it however many times. You have but one year of experience. And that’s sad, really sad, because we all make this journey filled with potential.

Then, occasionally I meet a crazy person, like me, who is so busy filling the space between birth and death, I have to smile. I like being around those people. Life has a freshness and the occasional moment when I’m thinking, “Didn’t see that coming”. Interesting.

It’s said that history repeats itself, it has to because no one listens the first time around. My years on this earth would tell me that people still aren’t listening the fifth or sixth time around, but, hey, that’s life. Buddhism suggests we live life over and over, gradually ascending towards enlightenment. We only ascend if we learn what our current life has tried to teach us. One years experience lived twenty times over isn’t going to cut it. Keep that up, you came back as a person this time but you’ll return as a slug next time!

Pogue, look back a year and see if you’re just running a repeat. Become a crazy person. Make the Buddha smile.


One thought on “Monday Musings

  1. Last year was a lot calmer and less hectic because we were not moving. But this year has brought some different trials and joys I did not expect. And I, like most humans faced some of the same mental challenges change brings. Revisited some old habits and hopefully will set some new ones. I prefer what Jesus said, there is nothing new under the sun. I think I have grown a little deeper in my trusting God for my future from the last move. I have been reading too…book: Live to Forgive by Jason Romano.


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