Law 4. Polarity.

Dear Pogue,

Today I’m writing about an interesting Law which will have you changing your way of thinking. What? Well, let me start by telling you that good isn’t the opposite of bad? And, hey, neither is cold the opposite of hot but, rather they are part of the same thing. You can’t have one without the other. They actually serve to define each other. Everything outside of Source exists in duality.

Light has darkness
Joy has sorrow
Up has down
Left has right
You will get what you don’t want
to appreciate what you already have

Badass Manifesto

Think straight line. Now write hot at one end of the line. Think, where on the line am I going to write cold? Half way? Two thirds? You place it in one position and then I come along and place it in another because, well I’m just awkward. And neither of us is wrong.

Take a moment and consider. If you had never known sadness would you be able to understand happiness? You see, you need a point of comparison. Or rich and poor. How can you know one if you didn’t know the other? You think it would be fair to say that one woman’s point of concern with her bank balance would cause another to celebrate their good fortune? Things are subjective and comparative. What they are not is separate entities. Rather they are differing expressions of the same entity.

Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.


Hot and cold are both expressions of heat and I should add, they are our perception of heat. I was in Lapland last winter and was amazed to find the locals wandering around in shirt sleeves complaining it was too warm. I was in a thick parka. It was -8C! You see how subjective things can be?

Rich and poor are both expressions of wealth, one describing a state of plenty and the other a state of lack but both describing the same thing, wealth. Two poles the same in nature but differing in degree. In the Kybalion it reminds that opposites are identical in nature but different in degree. Accepting this I would suggest to you that, being of one nature, opposites are possessed of the same potential.

Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare

Can you manage another step? Yes?

Therefore, roll of the drums, they must be a positive potentiality in every event although it may not be readily apparent. You know the old saying “every cloud has a silver lining”? There may be more wisdom in that saying than we care to realise.

Let me ground this for you by giving you a Biblical example. In Genesis 50:20 we witness the man Jacob, come good after being sold into slavery by his brothers and then rising to power, finally confronting them and saying:

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.

In the bad intentions and actions of some lay good.

Are we wrong to attach labels to events and make judgements or should we consciously shift our perspective to find any good that may be present? Perhaps, just perhaps we could abandon judgement, avoid labelling things good and bad, rather choosing to take action according to our intuition and conscience. Intuitively we all know when something needs to change, we just need to learn to listen and act. Within every polarity, every position, lays the potential for it to become the other polarity. Hot can become cold and vice versa.

If our state of being in this moment is just a point on a line between two polarities, say, joy and happiness as opposed to fear and loathing, and all the potential of that line exists at every point, we can act to raise ourselves. Haven’t we already corresponded about everything being energy and our ability to raise our own energy, our vibration by making deliberate choices. As William Ernest Henley wrote:

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.

I would add, if I so choose. Facing a problem? Well a problem is just a place on a line we could draw and call Life. Every problem has a solution in itself which stand on my choice. Plus, as said, my problem may be a situation someone else would love to be in. I recently listened to someone lamenting about his issues and then reflect on them and add, “but they’re lovely problems to have”.

If you’re somewhere on the line called Life and you are dissatisfied then act to move in the direction of the polarity that you wish, and knowing you as I do I feel safe to assume you will want to move towards the higher vibrations, that is peace, joy, self fulfilment, and eventually enlightenment. Reread the last three letters. Take control of your thoughts, because a thought is the parent of every emotion and action. It may not be easy to change an ingrained way of thinking just as it isn’t easy to progress from couch potato to athlete. It’s your choice but believe me, in your current position there exist the potential to move to the other polarity, the one you desire.

So, no judgement henceforth, no resting in an undesirable place, only finding good and focusing on this. To quote my man Curtis Mayfield:

So in the meantime, move on up towards your destination
Though you from time to time complications.

I couldn’t resist the cheeky link but what’s not to love about a little Curtis?

Yours, abandoning judgements,


2 thoughts on “Law 4. Polarity.

  1. I won’t cry 😉 I loved the cheeky link 😉
    Excellent post – so very true that we cannot experience one without the other… it’s in the experience that we learn appreciation.
    Thank you for this, Wic ❤


  2. “they are differing expressions of the same entity”. Learning to be content in either pole is a life long lesson. Not judging either pole or even the middle is another life long lesson. The more I know about someone helps me not fall too deep into that trap of comparing myself with them. My husband is opposite then me, I am loud and open, he is soft spoken and not so open. But when we focus God’s will for our life we meet somewhere in the middle. And, you are so right, it’s a choice how I view him or anyone. My mother sure to say, until you have walked a mile in their shoes just keep you mouth shut about them. That has worked wonders for me. Excellent post.


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