Monday Musing


New week already.

Someone, maybe Einstein, said that if you don’t know your subject well enough to be able to teach a child, and that child understand, then you need to continue learning your subject.

Isn’t there a great truth in this?

In a world that is becoming ever more advanced, more complicated, that adds layer upon layer until we no longer know where we started, don’t we need to simplify?

William Thoreau wrote to his friend Emerson, “simplify, simplify, simplify”, in the face of a world he saw running away with itself. How much more do we need to heed this advice in this day? Have we become consumed with our own cleverness to such an extent that the basic things of life are being lost or overlooked.

Men have a respect for scholarship and learning greatly out of proportion to the use they commonly serve.

Henry David Thoreau

On my door at home you know that I have a quote from de Vinci saying, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and this has so often proven true. The apparent, the common solution is often the truest. And wisdom is best transmitted with common words, the words that children will comprehend. How much truth has been passed in simple stories and pictures of everyday tasks? Parables.

Pogue, today use the language of children and examples from everyday functions to speak your truth. Simplify, simplify, simplify, in opposition to the world.


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