Truth, the sum of our perceptions

Dear Pogue

Did you enjoy my last letter? I haven’t heard from you so I trust you are well and life is treating you kindly.

It is said that there are no truths but only the way each one of us sees the world. There is no truth. There is only perception.

Gustavo Flaubert.

I am not sure of the absolute correctness of this belief as, for the spiritual person there is the single absolute truth, God is.

But that aside, how right is Flaubert? Do we create our own truth by the way we perceive things, people and situation. I have a friend who sees red when I’m declaring the colour brown and blue when I want to say black. We are both honest in our declarations and believe what we see and say. We just happen to perceive colours differently due to some quirk in our vision.

But which one of us is right?

There you start to understand how things are subject to our perception and each of us has different, if even slightly nuanced perception of differing things.

You drink coffee, I drink tea my dear, Sting sung and there it is. Two perceptions of the most desirable drink, both valid, both reasonable, but different.

So, come to life with this in mind and you realise that you and I can look at the same thing and see it differently. What causes us to have these differing perceptions? Big explanation, all that has gone before in our life and brought us to this point. Your understanding of love will have been determined by your upbringing. If you were cared for, provided for, if space was made for your voice and someone was always there for you then you are going to see situations and life very differently to a person from a broken and abusive home.

We all treat others differently and we may not be able to accurately reflect the feelings and emotions that are going on in their life. We may be unable to understand how they see the world. Rather, we project onto them our understanding and that can, regrettably, become the standard by which we judge them.

In the same way people come to all other situations from preformed perspectives. You read my letter about Rose Coloured Glasses? Well let’s pick up there. I suggested that we bring our own agendas to our religious texts and read from them what we want to hear. This can be a quite deliberate act aimed at empowering our point of view. I now want to add, we come to all situations based on a unique set of perceptions. Above I mentioned how our upbringing will define our understanding of love. So what happens when faced with the statement “God is love”? How different will our perceptions be? What if your experience of what should have been a loving environment is wholly bad? Are you following me?

Understanding this, we each need to accept that we cannot let another define our spirituality and dictate to us what truth, their truth, looks like. No one can do it for us because each of us has unique perceptions. We may all seek to understand and experience the love that comes from Source but no two people will have the same experience. Yes we will be able to generalise and converse in terms that others understand at a number of different levels. But what happens to us if we touch love will be unique and I am sure we will find things are not as we have been told they should be due to our individual perceptions and all that has formed these. Additionally, the journey that has brought us to where we are is like no one else’s journey so the experience will be like no one else’s experience.

I think I have written myself to a point where I now tell you to abandon religion and seek spirituality. Don’t confuse the one with the other. One is a set of rules and rituals. The other is a seeking for a truth we know exists and our lives resonate as we begin to approach it. It’s a deep knowing that we need to learn to hear and listen too. It’s a peace that gradually overtakes us and we need no rules or rituals to direct us. It’s something you do and achieve on your own and because of this you do not have to make allowance for anyone else’s truth. But at the same time you will understand that everyone else’s truth is as valid as your own and is equally qualified to lead them to enlightenment if allowed.

Your perception of truth today is based on the journey through life that has brought you to this point.


Goodness, I’ve really got serious. It’s just that this stuff is really important and you have to live according to the truth you know, the perception you have. Realise your perceptions are unique and will not shoehorn into another persons understanding. You don’t have to see things the way other say they should be seen. Rather, be sincere in your search and know that God is absolutely big enough to be found with the truth you have whatever it might be.

Sometimes I think religion has screwed us over. Actually I think it all the time. But I remember then that there are good sincere people who have the truth religion has imparted to them, perceptions to go with it and God can be found with these if they really want to find God. Everything is working for us if we will allow it. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re seeing it wrongly. As I have already said, God is absolutely big enough.

So start from where you are and with what life has given you. It’s yours and it’s enough.

Yours, rejoicing in my unique perceptions,


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