Through the wardrobe.

Dear Pogue,

Let me tell you about a lady I am getting to like. Let me qualify that statement unless you get the wrong idea. Her name is Brooke Hampton and she appears in several paces on the web including her on web site, Barefoot Five. She’s on Instagram but I came across her on Pinterest. There, you didn’t know I was that digital. I’m not sure how I would correctly describe her. She has a kind of urban wisdom and writes quotes coming from this. She has a gypsy spirit and is about embracing the world and finding the magic in it. She’s about being real and is gonna tell you to take control over your life, tell your protractors to fuck off (that’s how she would call it), and give yourself permission and time to be the person you were meant to be. She’ll accept you if you’re genuine and true and reject you if you give her your bullshit. And her views on raising children seem pretty healthy.

I’m just an ordinary person who pushed myself a little, asked more questions, took the road less traveled and didn’t take anyone’s shit.

Brooke Hampton

She is a person living her own life, the life that gives her joy and to my mind she is trying to reconnect with the things that have value such as positive people, nature, wholesome living, the magic that the world provides, books and at least one of her quotes mentions coffee.

I hope there are always days when your coffee tastes like magic, your playlist makes you dance, strangers make you smile and the night sky touches your soul.

Brooke Hampton

So why am I telling you about her?

Well, firstly, I don’t think you will go far wrong by reading some of her stuff. But more than that I see an independent spirit who cares about truth, has been bold enough to make her own way and call to herself likeminded people. Her cyber tribe. And, I guess I am asking if her life is a challenge to us? Should we, independent thinkers that we are, give expression to our thoughts in a more apparent way. How about, we ask the questions that have bothered us and refuse to be fobbed off with trite answers or allow ourselves to be silenced.

Maybe there would be merit in actually being honest enough with ourselves to separate from the group, the community, the gang, whatever the gang looks like. To have the strength to allow ourselves to give power to the feelings and suspicions that are ours. Maybe we could take a leaf out of her book and not let our children dwell in a world where 4 or 5 hours a day on a device is the norm, Rather teach them it is more normal to be out in nature, barefoot and covered in mud.

Maybe we should allow our children to develop into those who ask questions and push back when faced with new ideas. Who are prepared to say: “I’ll think about this” and then actually do that. Then that challenge will come back to us. I mean, what do we accept with no consideration or questions because we were told it’s right and have never stopped to think otherwise.

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.

Albert Einstein

Let’s dare to walk alone when we design our lifestyle and more so, when we grow our spiritual beliefs. Here’s my challenge to you. When you look at the people who populate the place you do your religion are you satisfied to be as they are. Have they covered off all the mysteries that you find in your heart? Is all the magic out on the table? This is it and you know it can’t get any better?

Or is there an inkling in the back of your mind, a small voice that tells you that there is more? I heard tell of a child who read the Narnia chronicles, absolutely compulsory reading for adults and children alike. You’ve read them and remember how the children entered the wonderful land of Narnia through the back of the old wardrobe? Well a little girl, having read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe went missing. Her parents searched everywhere until they eventually found her, curled up in the back of their wardrobe. When asked why she was there she replied that she was waiting for the magic to begin.

My experience has taught me that religion is filled with those who are curled up somewhere, all be it in their hearts, desperately waiting for the magic to begin. Those who have read the stories, who want to believe them for what they are, been told of the omnipotent, are aware of the magic that is apparently latent in the world and now are desperate to be a part of that magic kingdom.

Thank goodness for those, the Brooke Hampton’s of our world who are questioning the presuppositions that we all take on board during our development. Who, embracing their curiosity, are believing there is more than what they currently have and, here’s the rub, they are tentatively pushing away from the crowd to a place their hearts tells them exists but they don’t yet see. It doesn’t have to be rebellion but it does have to be deliberate because when you walk away you will be questioned and become the subject of conversation. It takes a certain kind of strength. Plus, I would remind you that we started these blogs to create a little space for our own private rebellion.

Somewhere I read that God keeps her best for those who dare and it may be that there is a single minded attitude of heart that achieves this. A sort of persistence, an assuredness, a curiosity that must not be suppressed.

So I guess you and I have to question ourselves. Are we happy with things as they are? It’s comfortable, even cosy, we are travelling with the crowd, accepted. We’re thinking we’ve found our tribe. Or are we aware of the magic and what will we do about it?

Yours, from inside the wardrobe,


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