Been Reading

Pogue, In a previous letter I mentioned books that are on the shelf and I read more than once. Lost Horizon by James Hilton is such a book and I’m guessing I’ve read it several times over the years. The whole concept of a lost world which is both serene and comforting to those who … Continue reading Been Reading


Dear Pogue, I have not written for a few days as I have been allowing my curiosity free rein this week, and who could blame me? Here in lockdown I need to find some room for exploration. My curiosity has moved out from the last two posts I wrote and was seen to have a … Continue reading Surrender


Dear Pogue, Back in the most wonderful of places, back in the day, when everything was just right, if my memory is honest, there was a band called the Vapors. I think they were a one hit wonder with a song called ‘Turning Japanese’. Why am I telling you this? Well, other than trying to … Continue reading Shibumi