A Day In Kathmandu

I should have left my senses behind.
So many colours even the rainbow will pale,
So many scents seducing the unsuspecting desires,
So many motorbikes ridden with reckless glee
So many temples even omnipresence is pushed,
So many gods, Shiva, Vishnu, Parvati, the whole crews in town,
So many Buddas, Siddhārtha Gautama is relegated to division two,
So much traffic making crossings an extreme sport,
So many shops all selling the same old same old,
So much chaos abusing my orderly mind,
So many potholes, my journey is not assured,
So many dogs disrupting the night,
So many, so much,
Too many, too much,
My mind is a whirl
My sense undone
I need a beer!

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