I Just Dropped By

I just dropped by to say
Fuck You!
I’ve been meaning to do so
For quite a while
And because you know
I’m not given to swear
I hope you’ll feel the passion
I hope you’ll know you’ve gone too far
Way beyond the bounds
And me?
I grow in strength day by day,
I’ve seen a better world,
I’m practicing colouring
Between the lines,
So my world will become complete,
I’m giving words to things
People said to hide,
I’m feeling better with every line
Because I’m learning to be free,
Pray there comes a day
When I no longer remember you,
In that day life will be
Sweet and full of light,
And because it felt so good,
Humour me while
I indulge once more,
Fuck you!
Now I’m away.

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