Close our eyes

We could close our eyes
But would we have to stuff our ears?
So the sounds can no longer be heard?
And if we did not see,
No longer heard
The bullshit that we’re fed as life
Would we be able to be free,
To flourish and grow unhindered.
Would the past sink claws into our coats
Dragging and clinging,
Resisting possibilities of loss of control
Hungry to hold us close.
Would noise and empty values
Things that are no-things
Litter the way in an act of resistance?

I will close my eyes
And place fingers in my ears,
For I no longer believe in the world I’ve been sold.
I see a better day beyond
All that I have been told
For I now know I was sold a lie
Over and over and over,
And the truth was always there.
In my own heart however I was distracted
No more, for my soul has arisen.
The world is a far more beautiful place
A more magical and precious place
Than ever I was told,
I have a future.

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