I take your hand

In the garden moist with rain
I walk the path between the trees
That have embraced this way
Down the ages gone
And as I hold your hand
Knowing I am complete
This day is made whole
Sit with me on the hill
Share with me the contemplation
Let us be as one
Peering into this world and the next
For now we will understand
More than any single person should know
Look at me and I will smile
From deep within
And in that day
My captain will call to me
To reassure me my soul is safe
Hold my hand when he calls
Know that our limitations are gone
In this love we will rise
High as the clouds descend to consume us
We will be the fabric of myths
We will be the inspiration of aspirations
For people should know there is more
Life is not so frail
As many would believe
For there is a completeness
That awaits to be touched
And awaken our souls.

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