It’s Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault,
I know, I know,
It’s not your fault,
Yes I understand,
It’s not your fault,
I feel your pain,
It was done to you when,
You were, oh, so young,
It was pain when you craved love,
And the only light was dark,
So you’ve sought so much help,
To set you free
From what’s gone before,
Brutal, callous, undeserved.

But it is your fault
If the pain is passed right on,
It is your fault
If you do not end it here
It is your fault,
If you don’t hold the line,
No one else is responsible for that,
And there’s a word!
It’s there your healing should begin
There that the difference starts,
I choose to be,
For my actions, my words,
For the life I create,
For the life I create for others,
For the tears I hear
Cried in the night,
You are responsible
Own it!

For we are all
The damage children
Of damage children,
It’s just,
Some of us said “No more” and,
“Not on my watch”,
And chose to commit
To hold the line.
Because we are responsible too.

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