Songs To Pogue…What I’m Listening To Now.


If I ever put together a top 10 albums of all time Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan would be in the top 5. I originally bought it the week it was released and played it to death. It never bored me😎It wasn’t so much the music as the words that Bob put together and his ability to create intriguing songs.

Recently, as you know, I’ve taken to writing poetry. A sort of creative experiment. So I now appreciate how challenging it can be to create verses that rhyme, verses that scan and to get ideas into smaller spaces. Without knowing it I have found myself listening to the words in songs and subconsciously noting the structures. No surprise then that I should find myself locked into one of Bob’s songs.

So now you get to listen to Shelter From The Storm from the fore said album. Listen for the rhymes and the way he makes the verses scan. It’s a real art. In fact I have often felt that Bob’s songs could have been put in a book and sold as poetry without any music.



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