Things That Go Bump In The Night

They come after dark
When my eyes are tight shut,
As I drift between worlds
In search of some well deserved rest,
Quietude’s balm is all I desire
As I’ve wrestled all day
With a tumultuous world,
The troubling thoughts
That others create
And hand me like gifts
Or place in my care
So as consciousness subsides,
At the very end of my day,
As I slide into peace,
Well deserved peace,
Like Paris’ arrow
Into Achilles’ heal
My sleep is struck down,
In the dark I’m awake
With thoughts rolling over me
On an incoming tide
Stark and well focused
Possessing a life of their own,
Tormenting and troubling
Twisting my mind,
Teasing any resolve
To find well earned rest,
And raising my ire
To bring me awake,
Another night lost to this incessant beast,
I remember when the monsters
Hid under my bed
Now they more brazen
And slip into my head.

Guess I get up and make a cup of tea!

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