My Dreams Are Strong

My dreams are strong
Both day and night,
In this reality I am feared,
Even revered,
Held in trembling respect,
For I walk in places
Others fear to go.
With an elegant madness in my eyes
I plunder the depths
Beyond death mysterious veil,
Mordors fires,
Valhalla’s glory,
Nivarna’s bliss.
What you prophesied as heaven
What you call hell,
Nothing is denied to the dreams I have.
I tell you, you cannot hide,
My dreams are strong.

My dreams are strong,
I bend the will of kings
And men who believe they hold power
Cast themselves naked at my feet,
Mighty warriors seek me for their quest,
God’s want me on their side
For in dream, I tell you, my will is divine.
I’ve won the battle
Bested the best,
Slayed dragons and the evil host,
There’s no power my dreams cannot surpass,
Should you require
My aid is at hand,
I can bridge oceans
In a single stride,
I am here and there
And time does not apply,
My dreams are strong.

My dreams are strong
Take place both day and night
The realities have joined
So I know not if I am a god, a king, a troubadour,
Or a poet, an ordinary being in this world mundane.
I struggle to know where one world stops
And the other has beguns
If in dream I feel both the ecstasy and the pain
The elation and the fear
Is that world just as real
As the one from which I write?
Will you define what is reality,
Then the things you claim not real?
If I laugh will you think me mad?
Because I deny this divide you make
For I course between this world you know
And the one you are denied
For, my dreams are strong.

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