Somewhere Between

Somewhere between brilliance and blasphemy
That’s where I position my mind
With my eyes to the mountain
And my back to the void
The world in all it’s diversity
I’m reading like a book
Understanding there is no right
Trying to decide if there’s wrong
If I should pin labels
To other people’s thoughts
Where should I draw the line
Between divine and demonised?
Oh tell me
Please tell me
Where does good actually begin?
Is there a point of definition
Where a sin is not a sin
You choose your’s and I choose mine
When does brilliance touch blasphemy?
Who was appointed to decide
When does hot become cold
Oh tell me how you define
How far must I climb the mountain
Before I leave such thoughts behind?
I’ll listen to your reasons
Before I’ll ever decide
But if they’re any less than convincing
I’ll draw my own lines
Then question every doctrine
And rationale of men
Know truth is ever evolving
As we choose to open eyes
For now I sit between brilliance and blasphemy
With boundaries undefined.

2 thoughts on “Somewhere Between

  1. Thought-provoking! “Blasphemy” is a label only relevant against an unquestionable truth. But wouldn’t truth be truth and unthreatened by questioning? In fact, the questioning soul whose thinking/acting is labeled blasphemous may be getting closer to truth. These “boundaries” you mention could not be real in an unfashionable, limitless, Infinite Love, could they?

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    • I’ve spent time thinking this and it demands a longer answer than I’m writing here. The issue, as I see it, is that many religious people believe they possess “unquestionable truth” while really only having a small knowledge. “For now we see through a glass, darkly;” stuff. So the cry of “blasphemy “ isn’t actually made against unquestionable truth. It’s made against a poor perception of the same.
      And I agree totally that ‘Infinite Love” cannot know boundaries. To do so would surely be a contradiction.


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