Beautiful Mind

Her’s was a beautiful mind
A place where the spring flowers grow
Where autumnal leaves abound
And colours are awash
Yet as only nature can
All was held in harmony

She had a beautiful mind
Gentle but self assured
Quietly constant without doubt
Like the beach when only small waves lap
Filled with purpose

And on days when the wind blew
Her hair breaking loose
The waves would crash with passion
Her creativity was set free
Then she’d rail against the world
Leaving beauty for all to see

Please do not try to possess her
Although I understand the desire
She’s wild
Different and so refreshing
A tonic for our souls
In a world grown so mundane

Would you pick the wild flower
Quickening it’s demise
It’s beauty diminishing the moment it’s cut
Perhaps you’d cage the wild bird
It’s nature ceasing when you closed the door
For somethings can only live free

Whilst freedom may be an offence to some
The beauty it creates misunderstood
Held in contempt
It is the free souls that give the world hope
Beckoning towards a better day
A higher, purer way

Her’s was a beautiful mind
A rare jewel
Found only on the edge
Of all we dare to know and seek for
And although she had not planned
She offered us all hope for life

Hallowed be the wild ones
The unfettered ones
The born to fly ones
For maybe they’ll be the reason
We remember
Who we were born to be.

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