Monday Musing.

Well Pogue,

We’ve spent two Musings thinking about the fact that we all have unique qualities and characteristics that make us different. Our weirdness. These things set us aside from others and make life more interesting. At least I think so. They also give us a new sense of freedom once we have learnt to live with them in the open. And that’s the thing. Learning to live with them comfortably.

We agreed last week that you can’t please everyone however right you get things. People are peculiar things and there’s no accounting for tastes. So somewhere, sometime, you will get pushback. Someone will say something. Pass a comment. Insinuate. And you, embracing your weirdness have a choice. React. Respond. Take a step or two back into what you were previously. Or just let it pass you by.

Bruce Lee had a saying which basically was, be like water. Water that flows around and passes obstacles. That effortlessly moves in an alternate direction. And water that through it’s sheer persistence wears away the things that oppose it. Think waves and cliffs. The knowing that this is my direction and I will continue to go this way. I will not be deterred.

I found my happy place
the day I stopped comparing myself
to everyone else and just embraced
that I’m strange as fuck and oddly
out of place and I kinda dig it that way.
My weirdness is my magic.

Brook Hampton

Then, at a personal level, celebrate that thing/s that make you different, bring colour to your life and let them grow. Your life will be richer for them and more interesting. Just a spoiler alert here. Being more interesting is going to attract some opposition from ordinary people. If your life’s more interesting, or you express qualities others don’t, or you’ve released a seam of creativity someone is struggling to find, there may well be jealousy. You may unwittingly cause others to question their own lives. Some will want what you have and be jealous. I said: “People are peculiar things”. But don’t be discouraged. Take strength. Be like water. There will also be others who will be drawn to you and you to them.

They may not be doing what you are but having embraced their own weird they will not be troubled by you. They will have moved to a more open minded view of life. Some will even have come to a place where they are able to celebrate difference and diversity.

So carry on your exploration of yourself and bring more life to those unique characteristics you are finding. As Brook says: “My weirdness is my magic”.

Yours, going with the flow,


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