I choose you
And bid you
Come away with me
So our hearts may become as one
And our days will run together
We will be indistinguishable
As when rivers merge
They will not tell us apart.
You will take all of me
The best and alas the worst
It will be yours
To do with as you please
And I will be better then
For being with you will make me so

All that you are
I will cherish
I will strive to make you more
More than you’ve yet been
Knowing more than you have known
I will help you feel
And see all you can be
If I can I will give you wings
Not to fly away
But that you may rise up
To touch the heights
To touch even heaven
Then being one
You will take me with you

Would you do the same for me?
For it is the nature of love to do so.
Do you love me?
As this day you have declared to do so
Will I feel what I have not felt
Will you too
Give me wings?
And from this day
Hearts no longer ours
But given
Not to be taken back
Given to each other in expectation
Of all this love will cause
The other to become.

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