The Moment

I didn’t understand a word you said
But I really liked the way you said it
You purred
Eyes flashing and dancing with intrigue
And that smile like fresh poured honey
Made the words so incidental
You didn’t need then any more

I’m not sure quite what you did
”What just happened” was all I thought
I couldn’t comprehend
Couldn’t collect my thoughts
Had not well recorded memories
To turn and fondle later
But I’m thinking I don’t need them?

But now I don’t know you existed
I’ve searched, I’ve searched my mind
I’ve liked the words you say
And I’ve liked the way you say them
And those things you did
Or did you do?
Am I lost in my confusion?

The moment was all I gained
The moment is all we have
The past is a closed book
And the future remains unwritten
The moment must be embraced
Let no opportunity go unexamined
So you’ll know you’ve had your fill

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