Songs To Pogue…What I’m Listening To Now

Well Pogue,

It’s been a rather sad week for me and I think we are drawn to music that gives expression to what we feel. Like, you emanate a feeling, you vibrate at a certain wavelength and you draw to yourself things that exist at that wavelength – Law of Attraction 101. So I’ve been hearing sad songs🥺

Here’s the most poignant of those I’ve played. It’s not so much the words, which I couldn’t understand, but the whole mood the song sets. And, it was from a TV series way back which ended sadly and the hero’s died, so there’s a little memory.

Try this, Clannad with Harry’s Song.

This is the rough translation…

I will go east and go west
[To the places] from whence came 
The moon and the sun

The moon and the sun will go
And the young man
With his reputation behind him

I will go wherever he came from –
The young man with his reputation behind him

Just to say, I could play happy upbeat music, increase the mood about me, raise the vibration in the hope my mood would lift but, well I kind of found a lot of value in the mood, so let it linger.

Have a good one,


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