Monday Musing

Morning Pogue,

Here’s a thing. Your teachers will come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find them in books, in music, in actual teachers, in moments of inspiration… The Universe can reach out to you in so many ways and is only limited by your imagination. And you, you have to spot the teaching and embrace it. Like all teaching it is only of worth if the student engages with the teacher. As said; “When the student is ready the teacher will come”.

So I have made a friend whilst I’ve been writing you letters. This person lives in New York so we’ve never met but I’m sure if we did we could enjoy a coffee together or even a beer (this person occasionally drinks in the bar Bruce Springsteen visits on Fridays out!). And they wrote to me last week to check I was safely back from Iceland as they had seen the news about the newly erupting volcano out there. Then, almost as an afterthought asked; “Have you read A Course On Miracles?”

Now I have a copy on my bookshelves and have dipped into it over time, even read sections which seemed applicable to my current thoughts, but I’ve never read it from cover to cover. Is this my teacher speaking to me? I’m wondering, so I’ve got the book down to start reading.

Sometimes a lesson can strike home like a gong sounding but often it’s more subtle. It can be a practiced art to hear and there is a degree of experiment and acceptance because, from experience, lessons do not always fit with our agendas but can be part of a larger picture that we cannot see. I guess some would call that faith.

The thing is, life has so much to teach us if we are willing to become ready recipients. I’ve said before and will say again, God, or whatever you call the ultimate entity, loves to communicate, to speak with us. If you’re not hearing I guarantee the issue is not on God’s end. Understand it may well not involve our ears when we are spoken too. It can be feelings or thoughts. It may be a dream, a sudden moment of inspiration which leaves you thinking, where did that come from?

Some say the language of God is dreams and visions but I think that is too restricting. Why seek to limit the ultimate, the eternal. Whatever, God does love to speak and speaks continually to you. Your part is to learn to listen and spot the lessons. Ask God for one and I guarantee you’ll have one before the end of the day.

We are never on our own despite what we think. You and I just need to expand our mindset to realise this and to allow there are myriad ways we can receive teaching. Cool? I think so. So watch out for today’s lesson and catch it when it comes. Have an open mind because a closed mind will shut so much teaching out and that’s a terrible shame.

Yours, ever the willing pupil,


2 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. I love this post.
    One time I was asking God for an answer on how to handle a circumstance that had came into my life. As I was watching a John Movie, he spoke words that were the answer to my prayer. I did not tell God how to answer and open my heart to hear what ever he had to say. Sometimes it’s the cloud in the sky, sometimes it’s my health, my husband, an animal, family, friends, our car, the lady who waits on me at Taco Bell and the one I love best is a map. I could go on and on for I have journal after journal as to ways God has taught me. This I have learned as I listen, look, and expect for answers and to learn with God’s help. He always surprise me on the abundants of ways He speaks. But then again, His speaking comes through love and His love never stops. I pray I continue to be a learner for it is up to me, only God knows all the answers.


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