Every day is a day nearer.

Iceland calling Pogue,

Hi, from the land of fire and ice, and here I am in my Airbnb, looking out the window. There across the fields, about 10km away is an active volcano! No one warned us of this and the locals quite calmly tell you about it because it’s a tourist attraction. So we did a little research and discovered that it’s well over due an eruption. Indeed last time it went up there was only a 30 minute warning! So I’m working out how far I can go in 30 minutes and how far is the reach of an erupting volcano? Any ideas? I will be rewatching Walter Mitty tonight, especially the volcanic eruption scenes and checking out of the window at intervals.

We had determined before arriving in Iceland that we would visit an active volcano because, well, given the opportunity why wouldn’t you? But one that is imminently going to erupt? So we’ll go tomorrow because everyday delayed is a day closer to the event. I’m reminded of Lee Child’s character Jack Reacher who has a motto, “Get your retaliation in early”.

So here’s a life lesson if you’re up for one. Grab your opportunities because they don’t always have a repeat option and we don’t always pass this way again.

That applies to the experiences you want to gain, yes, but it also applies to the things you think you should, or would like to, say to others. Make your peace while there is time. Say your “thank you’s” and if it hasn’t yet been done, tell that person that you do love them. Tomorrow is actually one day nearer to not being able to do it.

OK, off to watch Ben Stiller in Walter Mitty and peeping through the window.



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