Monday Musing

Hello Pogue,

I woke this morning in the land of fire and ice, Iceland. I’m on another road trip, visiting a place I haven’t been before, quenching the curiosity that drives me to travel.

My initial impressions?

It’s a land of rugged beauty with snow still on the hills here in their summer, steam found rising from the ground, magnificent waterfalls and black sand. Yes, last night I stood on a beach of black sand (by the way, it never actually got dark last night. In the deepest part of the night it was twilight and then started getting lighter). But, sand is golden or white, surely! At least that’s what I’d always believed and here’s a thing, we can get so use to our own beliefs that our thoughts become a closed system. We have no room for anything beyond the limits of what we know. Our world takes on limits.

But there exists a vast ocean of possibilities if we are able to accept that the knowledge we have is not complete, may be wrong, could be improved. For hundreds, no thousands of years Europeans believed swans were white and only white. If the bird wasn’t white, well it wasn’t a swan. Then explorers went to Australia and discovered black ones. No doubt many would have denied the possibility when the news first came back. I mean, everyone knows, if it’s not white, it’s not a swan!

Open and curios minds are the things that move the world forward, that bring down boundaries and grow our knowledge. However, I fear that they are themselves not so common because to have an open mind can and will take you outside the bounds of what is commonly considered acceptable and safe. You start believing, or at least allowing for the possibility of things not yet commonly believed, at the very least you’ll be considered odd, different, a little strange. Can you live with that?

Here’s a thing. You stay with the crowd, believe what the crowd believes and behave as the crowd does, well, you’ll never go where the crowd does not go and has not been. Maybe you’ll be happy with that? I suspect not.

Pogue, of all the paths you take in life make sure that a few of them are not yet trod. When a trail appears to end, the pavement finish, walk on, on the dirt, through the long grass and brambles. If you do, they’ll come a day when you may view something none of those around you ever have. When you learn, believe that the learning is never finished. Ask questions. Explore possibilities. Allow for possibilities. Expect the improbable.

As I say, life is not yet written, your book is not yet closed, there are still blank pages. This week begin to fill a new one.

Yours, experiencing new things day by day,


8 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. Really interesting post and even now we consider ourselves to be knowledgeable and yet you have just proven that we still have many things to discover if we want to.
    It really is a question of opening up our minds to the endless possibilities that there is more to this planet than we know.


    • Thanks for taking time to read the post. I always smile when someone new comes along…and you commented which is really appreciated😎 If I can illicit a few more minutes of your time can I ask how you came across me as I’m trying to understand how to reach people? A gain, thanks.


      • I have been somewhat inactive on WordPress for a short while due to personal reasons and often the lack of time and finding balance.
        Over the last year or so I have followed a number of sites and blogs and my reader also has suggestions.
        Your insights are quite thought provoking, my particular interests are in personal development, health and well-being and helping people realise that no matter what happens in our lives there is always a way through.
        I hope that answers some part of your question and that you have a wonderful and blessed day

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  2. I read a really interesting article recently about how Iceland has no trees (because… vikings? I think? My mind is a sieve) and now I’m wondering if you’ve noticed this curious lack of trees…

    Black sand definitely does something to perception. Is it still a summer’s day with black sand on the beach? Does it absorb the sun’s rays and scorch the soles of your feet?


    • Hi. Thanks for the comment. It’s appreciated. May I ask, how did you find the post? I’m trying to understand this blogging thing. As far as the trees go, I’m thinking it may be the volcanic rock.. I’ve been on the Isle of Man a number of times and this was settled by the Vikings but there are plenty of trees. I’m surprised that the Icelandic don’t try to grow trees though🥴


  3. I had never seen black sand until we lived in Papua New Guinea. Neither had I snorkled or swam with Nimo. This past year I stayed close to home and made my first quilt. Both were experienced because I love people, they are my hobby that I study all the time. In my study, I had not learned no trees in Iceland but I have learned several cultural things about the people of Papua New Guinea and Bolivia, SA and from the best book in the world which can answer who is God, who am I and what am I suppose to do and what will keep me from doing it, which is studying people. My curious seeking mind brought me to your blog, never been sorry either. Very good post Wic. One question, is Wic your real name?

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