Monday Musing

Morning Pogue,

As threatened I went to church yesterday. It’s taken a while for me to take the step of going back to church because, well the past experiences have left a sour taste in my mouth which has lingered a long time.

Add to that the fact that my spirituality has grown considerably since I left and my understanding of the force behind the universe, God, Source, you take your pick of names, has grown considerably. There wasn’t an overriding compulsion to return. But I did because I now feel I have so much to offer to others. Much to give away, freely.


I sit here and write to you disappointed.

It was like returning to a Victorian era with songs 300 years old followed by a sermon that told me how I needed to repent over any love of the things of the world. And this was what I had considered a modern church! I despair. It has no context in todays world. I can only liken it to someone who had a winning lottery ticket and was either completely unaware or afraid to cash it in.

There’s a story told about a little girl who, having read C.S.Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, then went missing. She was eventually found sitting in her wardrobe. When asked why she was there she told her parents she was waiting for the magic to begin. As you’ve read the book you’ll understand this, the entrance to Narnia being through the children’s wardrobe in the book.

And here am I wanting to find a group who live with the magic, the magic I know. Pogue if you know where they are please point the way because I’m struggling to find them. It’s beginning to feel a little lonely out here.

Yours, reading C.S.Lewis,


One thought on “Monday Musing

  1. It matters not if its a modern or old fashioned church, it matters greatly if the Bible is preached, all of it, the good and the bad. I like one that tells and shows the love of God for us but also about a Father who will spank us if we stray from truth. It’s important to understand the whole bible is about who God is, the creator, who man is, the creations and what sin is for we are born sinners with rebellion in our hearts. God so loved the world that He put His spirit out there to come live in our soul when we trust Jesus death, burial, resurrection for our sin. I am so glad that old fashioned church I went to 30 some years ago preached these truth. The repentant is a change of mind to our belief system really to who Jesus is, and once we know Him as Savior a change of mind to walking our way to walking God’s way. People are not less a sinner today than they were in the beginning. As for the songs, well what can I say, they do change and what you like now will be old songs when you are in your 70 or 80’s, I chose Southern Gospel my self because it tells a story of all I just wrote about. The Hymn, The Old Rugged Cross because I am grateful for Him hanging on the cross for me. I am glad you went back to church, sounds like you are still seeking. I did that for 30 some years. I seek no more because put ALL my trust into Jesus instead dividing it up to a little of this and little of this, instead of building my own faith. God wants all of us, the body, our mind, our ways, our daily habits, ALL because Jesus gave His ALL. A question for you, what do you want a church to be like, what message do you think it should give out?


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