Mondays Musings

Dear Pogue,

As you are obviously aware, I’m holidaying in exotic climes. Days spent reading, writing and thinking, besides swimming and catching up on my share of the sunshine.

This has given me time and opportunity to read more widely than normal and listen to podcasts I might not listen to at home because they need an hour or two to spare. Indeed, I listened to a podcast yesterday that was posted by a blogger I follow who appears as Specimen Days. He covers a wide spectrum of subjects and posted an interview with Noam Chomsky, a man of great intellect in areas of philosophy, history, cognitive science and Daniel Ellsberg, economist and political activist. The interview discusses the likelihood of the Ukraine war descending into a nuclear conflict and is worth watching.

But I am not musing on that this morning but rather the detailed account that the pair provide as to things that happened, sometimes two or three years, prior to the conflict’s beginning. They talk of Russia’s longstanding assertions that it would not allow Ukraine to join NATO as this threatened Russian security. How America had not assisted, when requested by Ukraine, in possible resolution talks a long time prior to the war and the benefits to the American Military Complex in terms of revenue from the war.

Now I’m giving these men the benefit of the doubt as to the veracity of the information they quote but if only a percentage is correct then maybe Russia is not the only villain in this human drama. What has happened has been a long time coming and was, at least by some, foreseen as the outcome of actions taken or not taken.

You’ll have to listen and make your own decision but what I actually want to say this morning is, ‘test everything’. Don’t just believe what you’re told, especially by the media and politicians. They all have an axe to grind and papers to sell. They all have a leaning, be it to the left or the right, and that determines how things are reported.

And, they is always another story to be heard. We should never pass judgement until we have heard the other side’s story, their account, their rationale. Yes, we have seen video images that need no further evidence to detail the atrocities that have happened, but I’m not meaning these occurrences. I’m talking about things we are told, peoples stories, the ones that speak against others for anyone of a number of reasons. We need to let those others tell their tale however implausible we think it is that we’ll be swayed. Life’s full of surprises.

Truth can cover a wide spectrum, it can be subjective and sometimes telling our version of the truth whilst hiding the other’s can be as damaging as telling a lie.

Think about it. No one has reached this point without being touched by life in many differing ways and this shades their story.

Your, worrying about what happens if Sweden and Finland join NATO🥴


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