Monday Musing


Another week of horrors on our TV’s as more and more images arrive from the Ukraine conflict. Let me say, for clarity that I’m 100% behind efforts to bring Russia to heal and free Ukraine from the invaders. What is happening appalls me.

That said, I read an article this week where the writer asked a thought provoking question. What would happen if the USA believed that Mexico was joining an anti-America military alliance with other countries? If there were thoughts that new military hardware was about to find its way to Mexico along with sentiment that rode contrary to the beliefs of the American way?

Would America invade? Then what would the world do? Would we be sanctioning the USA? It was a mind full of thoughts. Think it through yourself. It brings a different perspective to things and should cause many questions to tease they way into your mind.

I chose the USA for my example but I’m thinking that we English have many a questionable moment in our history when being Welsh or Scots or Irish was not a comfortable thing to be. Don’t misunderstand me but thank goodness we only had swords and muskets.

If you are the bigger power, the superior force, it’s always easiest to resort to violence. From the bully in the playground all the way up to the president sitting at the head of government. Aggression and the willingness to resort to its use will cause your opponents to think twice before taking action.

Diplomacy requires trust to succeed. It also often needs sacrifice on the part of the parties engaged in seeking a solution. Suppression by force is a more reliable method of achieving the ends you want than living, day by day, relying on trust to ensure the status quo. But, resorting to aggression, as anything other than the last resort, is more often than not the domain of the bully or the misaligned personality. Putin?

My prayers remain for the peace of the Ukraine and the expulsion of the invaders. My prayers are also for peace for the Palestinians and a workable relationship with Israel. My prayers are for the peace…I just haven’t got enough prayers for all the situations in this world where aggression and violence are the dominant forces being brought to bear to achieve one side’s desired outcome.

At times like these I feel I should join with the Christian’s of old and just pray, “Come Lord Jesus” for surely only a higher force will ever right this world.

Yours, feeling a little desperate,


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